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Edmonton Exterior Painting

Edmonton Exterior Painting - Commercial and Home Painters

When it comes time to Paint the exterior of your Edmonton home or business, it all boils down to one word - experience.

A professional Grade job that will look great for years to come.

Simply put, one of the most dramatic ways to improve your Edmonton Home or Business's appearance is to paint it's exterior.

However, this specialized type of painting must be done correctly in order to achieve lasting results. Edmonton's unpredictable climate and dramatic temperature changes can vastly shorten the lifespan of your newly finished Exterior.

That is why the Edmonton Painters at Genoa Coatings take special care in ensuring you get results that last.

The Secret to lasting Results - Experience.

With hundreds of succesful Edmonton Exterior home and Business Painting jobs under our belt, Genoa has developed a meticulous system that includes:

- sufficient surface preparation including power washing, sanding, and minor repairs

- the use of and top quality products available to only to specialty painting contractors which greatly increases the lifespan of your Home or Businesses exterior finishing.

Multi Surface Painting

Our Edmonton Painters have the expertise to paint all types of exterior surfaces, including stucco, vinyl siding, metal siding, cedar, brick, and more.

With over a decade of painting experience accompanined by a desire for constant evolution and improvement, there's a reason that Genoa Coatings is Edmonton's #1 choice for Exterior Home and Office Painting.

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